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Parental alienation syndrome causes kids lasting emotional damage

You advise your children to not hang around a person you feel is a bad or harmful influence. At the Law Office of Lily L. Huang, we know that there is a difference between shielding your children from negative influences and deliberately alienating them from a parent who deserves their love and attention. You and other California residents should understand the harmful effects of parental alienation.

What all can I spend my child support money on?

With the holiday season in full swing in California and across the nation, you may wonder if and to what extent you can spend the child support money you receive from your child’s other parent on gifts and other nonessentials. As Findlaw explains, while it is true that you should spend this money first and foremost on your child’s necessities such as food, clothing and shelter, once you have met those needs, you can spend it basically however you see fit, as long as your child benefits from those expenditures.

How difficult is it to modify your child custody order?

If you are a divorced California parent, there may come a time after the court originally issues your custody and visitation order when that order no longer meets your needs or those of your children. As the California Court System explains, it is not unusual for divorced parents to change their parenting agreement every three years or so as their children grow up and their activities, interests and needs change.

Studies show joint custody may be best

Parents who separate or file for divorce in California face the difficult task of determining custody of the children. While some parents are able to work out an agreement between the themselves, others require the involvement of a court-appointed judge to determine custody in the best interest of the child. Traditionally, sole-custody is given to one parent, usually the mother, to enforce stability in a child’s life. However, studies show that joint-custody situations may be more beneficial to children.

Single parents may need to seek emotional and financial help

As a single parent, you may receive child support and work a full-time job, yet still not have enough to make ends meet. You might also feel emotionally drained and worn out. At the Law Office of Lily L. Huang, we understand that these are normal occurrences for many single parents in California. The truth is simply that single parenthood is not an easy job.

How can you be involved and avoid the Disneyland parent label?

You may acknowledge that your ex’s job as the custodial parent is difficult, but it can also be challenging to be the non-custodial parent in California. Not only do you pay child support, but you have less time than you would want to spend with your children, as well as less input when it comes to parenting decisions. This may lead to feelings of resentment and other negative emotions. It can be even more infuriating if you are accused of being a “Disneyland parent” by your ex or others.

Can I spend child support on gifts and other non-essentials?

After you begin receiving child support payments, you may feel as if your life is being watched under a microscope. Your ex-spouse makes assumptions as to how you spend the money and criticizes your financial habits. You may worry if your ex can dictate how to spend child support or whether the court will get involved. This is not an uncommon fear for many California parents who receive child support.

What do your kids need when you and your spouse split up?

Kids in California often get the raw end of the deal when parents make the difficult decision to split up. Adults get all the say when their relationship is on the line, and the youngest ones in the family just have to go along for the ride. Somehow it does not seem fair, and your kids might tell you that if they are honest about what is going on in their heads and hearts.

What is the legal definition of a father in California?

Every state has its own formal, legal definition of a father. How father is defined by you and your family may not be the same as the legal definition. However, if you are seeking rights or handling issues in a California court, it is essential to ensure you understand the legal definition. This will ensure you know your rights and can properly represent yourself in a legal proceeding.

Subtle signs schoolchildren are struggling with a pending divorce

No doubt, going through a divorce takes an emotional toll on spouses. Divorcing parents also recognize the challenges divorce brings to their kids. Schoolchildren in California and around the country are especially susceptible to the changes taking place in their homes when their parents separate.

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