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What's the best way to share custody of a newborn?

As a new parent, you may find it hard to envision spending any amount of time apart from your infant. You may not have much of choice in the matter if you and your child's other parent have split up. All parents can exercise their parental rights to visitation or custody of their child, after all. There are some factors that you should consider if you're facing having to share your newborn with your ex.

The traditional 50-50 custody agreement may not work

Parents in San Jose who are going through a divorce often opt for a traditional arrangement in 50-50 custody situations. This means that the children are at one parent's house for one week before transitioning to the other's for the next week. However, experts are beginning to advise that this is not the most effective schedule when it comes to the interests of the children.

The best strategies co-parents can use after a divorce

While dealing with their own pain after going through a divorce, parents in California need to make decisions that are in the best interests of their children. It is important for co-parents to use healthy strategies to help them as they navigate these new waters.

That 2019 calendar might hold significant info

If divorce and a child custody fight are looming for parents in California, last year's calendar may hold important information. Since these types of situations can become difficult, it is helpful to gather as much supportive material as possible. Calendars generally provide details that may not otherwise be forthcoming at the moment the information is needed during intense litigation.

Dealing with international custody disputes

There are many Californians in relationships with people from other countries. If these international couples split up after having kids, some unique custody situations may arise. For example, one parent may abduct their child and move abroad. This could leave the other parent feeling like they have no avenues for recourse.

When divorced parents struggle with co-parenting challenges

When parents in California decide to divorce, it can always be a challenge to adjust to the transitions that come with co-parenting. However, this can be even more difficult in a high-conflict situation or when a former partner seems dedicated to provoking problems. Divorced parents can overcome this type of situation and put their children first, but there can be some obstacles along the way. Part of the process can involve making sure that there are appropriate boundaries in place.

Child custody and visitation for babies

During a divorce, determining custody and visitation schedules involving infants can introduce some additional complications for parents in California. The primary caregiver might feel that the other parent does not have the ability to care for the infant. However, it is important that parents trust one another despite their differences. All new parents have to learn as they go to some extent.

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