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Wealthy couple struggle to divide property in divorce

In California, almost all assets acquired during marriage are treated as community property, which is shared between couples 50-50. If a couple is unable to agree on how to split up their community property during a divorce, a judge will order that everything be divided equally. In most other states, assets are divided 'equitably", which does not necessarily mean equally. One New York divorce has made headlines as a wealthy couple battle over assets, which include real estate and artwork.

Divorce rate grows for older Americans

Fewer people in San Jose overall are filing for divorce, but the opposite may be true for older residents. Between 1990 and 2010, the divorce rate for Americans aged 50 and up more than doubled, a trend that has only continued since then. Dubbed "gray divorce", separations involving older adults may also carry some unique concerns about finances and retirement planning. There are many reasons why more people are choosing to divorce later in life.

Planning finances for a potential divorce

While few people like the idea of getting a divorce, the reality is that around 39% of marriages in the United States will end in divorce. California residents may be interested in steps they can take to prepare themselves financially for a divorce, which could minimize the financial impact of it.

Getting through the holidays with children after a divorce

The holiday season is a difficult time for many people, and this can be particularly true for parents in San Jose who have been through a divorce recently. Parents may not know how to approach the first holiday season with their children. It is important to focus on their children's needs and not on their own conflicts.

Highest-ranking concerns women have after divorce

Worry about judgment from family and friends, emotional pain associated with giving up the dream of a happy marriage and worry about the welfare of the children are all things that make the divorce process difficult for both men and women. Some people in California may be surprised to learn that while there are similar ways that divorce affects men and women, there are also some differences.

Common signs that divorce is on the way

For every couple in San Jose that decides to divorce, their reasons are unique and personal. Some couples may deal with infidelity, addiction or even abuse. Others may find that their plans and personal goals change over the years and come in conflict with one another, causing both spouses to grow apart over time. Because divorce also carries serious legal and financial consequences, people may try to avoid ending the marriage. They may go to counseling or try other methods to rekindle the flame. Experts say, however, that there are certain common signs that indicate that couples are more likely to end their relationship.

The part mediators can play in your divorce

San Jose couples who have decided to get a divorce may also decide that it's prudent to get some additional help in the decision-making process. This is where divorce mediators can come in handy. However, it's important to know what divorce mediators can and cannot do before utilizing one.

How to co-parent with a narcissistic spouse

When you are a single parent in California, you try to raise your children with as little conflict as possible between you and their other parent. Sometimes, past partners co-parent seamlessly. Other times there is great tension, especially when one person has a demanding demeanor. How can you successfully co-parent with a former spouse who has a difficult personality?

How to ease children through the transition to post-divorce life

Divorce is not easy for anyone in San Jose, but it can be particularly hard on children. At the Law Office of Lily L. Huang, we have observed that children involved in a divorce sometimes fall into unhelpful patterns of thinking, blaming themselves for the divorce or siding with one parent over the other. Fortunately, according to Parents Magazine, there are things that you can do to help your children through the transition. 

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