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Finding Positive Solutions To Your Divorce

Whether you have been married for decades or only for a few years, you have a lot to lose if you are going through a divorce. While you and your spouse may agree on some of the issues that need to be addressed during the case, you may not have a clear idea of all of the options available to you. You should speak to an experienced lawyer to make sure that you are fully informed about each and every decision that you make at this time.

At the Law Office of Lily L. Huang, in San Jose, I provide you with the knowledge that you need to help you determine what is best for you. With over a decade of experience in family law, I have helped many California families come to a peaceful resolution of their divorce cases. I do everything I can to make this situation much more pleasant for you so that you can move past this and begin your new life.

Working Together To Address Problems

I take a very direct approach to each divorce case that I handle. I identify the important issues of concern, and work with you to determine the best possible approach to resolve these items efficiently. Some of the issues that I help with on your case include:

  • Dividing you and your spouse’s marital property
  • Helping you and your co-parent determine an appropriate child custody and parenting time agreement
  • Discussing the various spousal and child support obligations that may be present in your case

When handling your case, I try to work with the other side to find less contentious solutions to the outstanding problems. I believe that when a couple fights over each and every issue that is present in a case, it only leads to more conflict between the parties over time. This means more stress for you and your family, which does not help anyone involved in the situation.

Agreements that you and your spouse reach together stand a much better chance of lasting. While this is my main goal in every divorce, I know from experience that some parties are just going to be unable to communicate at the level necessary to make such important decisions. If your divorce needs to go to court, I am an experienced litigator, and will stand up for your rights at trial.

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To learn more about the steps that I can take to help you with your divorce, please call my office at 408-780-3611 or send me an email using the contact form provided. We speak Vietnamese and Cantonese, and also offer assistance in Mandarin. For the convenience of our clients, we accept credit cards as a form of payment.