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When divorced parents struggle with co-parenting challenges

When parents in California decide to divorce, it can always be a challenge to adjust to the transitions that come with co-parenting. However, this can be even more difficult in a high-conflict situation or when a former partner seems dedicated to provoking problems. Divorced parents can overcome this type of situation and put their children first, but there can be some obstacles along the way. Part of the process can involve making sure that there are appropriate boundaries in place.

Child custody and visitation for babies

During a divorce, determining custody and visitation schedules involving infants can introduce some additional complications for parents in California. The primary caregiver might feel that the other parent does not have the ability to care for the infant. However, it is important that parents trust one another despite their differences. All new parents have to learn as they go to some extent.

When to consider child custody modification

Once you finalize your divorce settlement, the terms outlined in the decree are not set in stone. While the terms created in the divorce settlement may work for you and your former spouse at the time the document was created, life circumstances can easily change. These changes may require a revision of the original divorce document. There are certain situations that may warrant a change in child custody and/or child support. Keep in mind that all factors involving child custody and child support are based on the best interests of the child. Changes can occur that alter what is best for the child, and as a result, you may want to file for a modification of child support and/or child custody orders. 

How mediation can impact custody arrangements

Divorcing parents in San Jose will need to decide how they want to tackle matters of child custody. It may seem difficult for some couples to share custody, but studies have recently shown that this might be the best option for the child. So how can arguing parents make it work?

Moving away with your kids

While your divorce may bring with it a certain sense of finality, the reality of the situation is that your association with your ex-spouse may not entirely be over. If you have children together, you will continue to need to coordinate with each other to fulfill the terms of your custody agreement. The events of your life could further complicate matters if they compel you to move away. Many in such a situation come to us here at The Law Office of Lily L. Huang wondering how their relocation could affect their custodial situation. The answer to such a question depends on the unique circumstances of your case. 

What factors are considered when determining child support?

If you have recently gone through the divorce process in California, or you are in the middle of negotiating a divorce settlement, you may be familiar with calculating child support. Child support is designed to bridge the gap children may experience as they move from a two-parent household to a one-parent living arrangement. There are different models of child support, and California has adopted the Income Shares Model. The idea is that children deserve to live with the same financial stability that they would experience had their parents remained together.

Preventing divorce from destroying a child's focus in school

When parents in San Jose make the difficult decision to separate and get divorced, one of their primary concerns is often the well-being and understanding of their young children. Balancing how to disclose information about the split without divulging too many details that the child may be unprepared to hear, is one of the biggest challenges that many parents face. 

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