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Amicable Divorce Archives

Could you adapt to a parenting marriage to stay together?

There are many reasons why marriages fail, but probably the No. 1 reason couples give for staying together long after love has left the building is for the sake of the children. Some parents are sure that having their kids grow up in a house with both their parents present is preferable to their becoming children of divorce.

Tips for an amicable divorce process

People who are considering divorce should take a number of steps to protect themselves, including educating themselves about the divorce process in San Jose. They may also want to consider getting a therapist. This gives the person an outlet to discuss the emotional issues around the divorce.

Get the facts before divorcing on paper to benefit financially

Some San Jose couples are working together to decide if strategic divorce is right for them. While the idea of getting divorced in order to save money may seem strange to some, high-earning couples who are concerned about what has been called the "marriage penalty" may find that it is a way for them to pay less in taxes.

Am I a good candidate for an uncontested divorce?

Like many other California residents in the same situation, you may be feeling overwhelmed at the thought of your impending divorce. How long will it take? How expensive will my divorce be? What do I stand to lose in our disputes? You may also wonder if there is a better way to end your marriage than to battle it out in court.

What is an amicable divorce?

You may have heard the term “amicable divorce,” but are unclear as to what it means and if it could be a good option for you and your spouse to choose in your upcoming California divorce. Greenbush Financial explains that an amicable divorce is one in which you and your spouse part company on a reasonably friendly and cooperative basis rather than fighting each other in a long drawn out court battle.

Mediation can help relieve divorce stress for kids

When parents file for divorce, the stress can be high for everyone involved, including children. Divorce is often an emotional and potentially overwhelming process, as parents split marital property, determine child custody and negotiate issues involved in moving from a traditional family to a one-parent household. Marriages involving negativity and fighting can also be hard on children. Studies show that it may be best for children to grow up in a divorced family rather than a toxic environment where parents do not get along. Studies also show that the manner in which parents end their marriage may have an effect on children's’ stress levels.

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