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Is the stress of working in health care impacting your marriage?

It’s noble to work in the health care industry in any capacity. Doctors, nurses, technicians and specialists — and many more — all help people when they need it most and provide world-class care that can improve and save lives. Many of these professionals do this with significant risk to their own health and wellness.

If you’re in this industry, it’s worth noting that your health may not be the only thing at risk. What about your marriage? Is the stress of your job going to take a toll on your relationship?

When work stress becomes personal

It’s clear that working in health care is stressful. For instance, doctors and other professionals may need to:

  • Work long hours that keep them away from their families.
  • Put in far more than 40 hours every week, leaving little time for anything else.
  • Face a lack of routine and long shifts that change periodically, causing them to miss family time and events.
  • Experience draining conditions that can make them feel emotionally and physically exhausted when they get home.
  • Spend each day with patients and families who are all having the most stressful day of their lives.
  • Work on call, never quite knowing when they’ll have to go in.

This type of work environment can certainly cause a relationship to deteriorate. Your spouse may complain that you never travel because you’re always on call. Your children may feel like you miss all of their important events. You may work 60+ hours per week, often on the weekends, with no time to just relax with your spouse.

Even if your spouse still loves you on a personal level, they may decide that this is just not a marriage that makes sense. Or, the two of you could drift apart due to not ever seeing one another and slowly fall out of love. If all of this pushes you in the direction of a divorce, take the time to look into the legal steps you’ll need to take.


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