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How living in Silicon Valley could prematurely age your marriage

For years, Silicon Valley has been the center of domestic immigration in the technology industry. Big businesses and startups alike want to be where the action is, leading to massive demand for housing and business spaces in the region.

Living with your family in Silicon Valley, whether as an executive for an existing company or someone seeking funding for a new business, can be a great opportunity for networking and plugging into existing resources. Unfortunately, living in Silicon Valley also leads to unique stressors that will impact how happy and fulfilling your marriage is.

Keeping up with the Joneses is hard if they have a personal plane

People in affluent communities often struggle to properly communicate their social status. The desire to keep up with the Joneses by adding on to your house, upgrading to newer and more expensive vehicles, and wearing designer clothing can put a strain on your finances.

The more affluent your community, the greater the demands to invest in the trappings of success. From frustration with unequal spending between spouses to stress because of debt that the household has no way to repay, keeping up with the Joneses in Silicon Valley can do a lot of marital damage.

It can be hard to enjoy such a beautiful environment when everything costs so much

The expansion of multiple successful technology companies in the Silicon Valley area has led to skyrocketing prices for real estate and other necessities. One of the reasons that people working for major tech companies in the area can command such high wages is because the cost of living has become prohibitively high. Couples may struggle to find a place to live or to afford necessities even with an executive salary.

Big business means long work hours

Whether you want to build a new brand from the ground up or revamp existing software into something more competitive, Silicon Valley tech careers often require long business days that leave little time for anything else.

Software engineers, executives and other tech professionals may not be able to reliably come home for dinner let alone leave work behind for a romantic weekend with their spouse or a family trip. Being an absentee family member only works for so long. If you aren’t able to get your job demands under control, your family may eventually resent your absence. Divorces for those in demanding careers are somewhat common in part because of how much time and energy the work demands.

If you find yourself in a situation where divorce seems likely and you worry about the implications of your assets, debts or job on the process, getting advice earlier rather than later is likely in your best interest.