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Are you a victim of financial infidelity?

Infidelity is often the final nail in the coffin of a marriage. Even spouses who thought they had good marriages can find it impossible to forgive a cheating spouse and remain in the marriage.

But as bad as cheating on your wife or husband may be, there’s another type of betrayal that can implode your marriage: Financial infidelity.

Few may refer to it with that term or even realize the severity of their actions. But make no mistake — playing fast and loose with the communal funds and assets is a sure way to destabilize and even end your marriage.

Financial infidelity comes in many forms, including:

  • Hidden gambling addictions
  • Secretive shopping that’s out of control
  • Running up debts your spouse is unaware of
  • Siphoning money to secret accounts
  • Making decisions about major expenditures without consulting your spouse

Especially in a community property state like California, where spouses are jointly responsible for half of the marital debt, it can be a devastating blow to discover that your financial house is in chaos because of your partner’s profligate spending patterns.

Financial infidelity can also be a form of abuse if one spouse depletes the marital coffers to the point where the other cannot leave the relationship due to a lack of funds.

Should you divorce a spouse who has betrayed you financially? Only you can make that decision, but it is one that should only be made when you are fully aware of your financial situation.

Addressing your concerns with a San Jose family law attorney can better prepare you to make some hard decisions about your marriage and your future.



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