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Navigating your high-asset divorce

Divorcing couples with few assets and little community property typically experience quicker and less expensive divorces than California couples with many resources and high incomes. But there are things that couples can do to make high-asset divorces easier.

Get items valuated

What is the true value of your shared art or wine collections? Could that vintage car command six figures on the market? What about your spouse’s rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia collection? Is it valuable or a bunch of dated junk?

The point is that neither of you will know unless you get these collections and items professionally evaluated. Only then will you best be able to negotiate for what you truly want out of the community property.

Try to work it out without litigation

We can help you negotiate with your ex and their attorney so that when you walk away from the marriage you will have the assets you need to thrive in your newly single life. Also, hammering it out between the parties will always be a cheaper option than litigating matters in court.

You still have the option to litigate

Of course, some couples may still wind up in court, at least over some community property matters, and that’s all right, too. No one should ever be denied their day in court if there is something that they believe is worth fighting for. We are always prepared to litigate a high asset divorce whenever it’s necessary. But we also will do all that we can to keep our clients’ costs and expenditures at an absolute minimum.



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