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How parents can help their children after a divorce

Divorce is not easy on children, but by focusing on their well-being, parents in San Jose can make the process much less difficult. Children need reassurance that nothing they did caused the divorce and that they can go on loving both of their parents.

Holidays can be particularly hard on children after the divorce and can make them feel as though they have to choose between their parents. If parents are able to spend holidays together, this can help. While this may not be possible, parents should still keep in mind that they will need to learn how to be at certain events together. For such occasions as graduations and weddings, they will not have the option of separate events.

Children also need to be able share frustration and other negative emotions about the other parent without parents making it about their own feelings. Parents should be able to help children through this kind of difficulty just as they would if the child was upset with another family member. One of the best things parents can do is try to reach an agreement that keeps household rules consistent. This can be hard because one reason parents may be divorcing is that they agree on very few things, but consistency can help children feel secure.

Child custody is one of the most difficult elements of divorce to navigate. However, judges make a decision by focusing on the best interests of the child, and this is what parents should try to do as well. This could allow them to reach an agreement about custody without going to court, which can make transitioning into a healthy co-parenting relationship less difficult.