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Tips for an amicable divorce process

People who are considering divorce should take a number of steps to protect themselves, including educating themselves about the divorce process in San Jose. They may also want to consider getting a therapist. This gives the person an outlet to discuss the emotional issues around the divorce.

People also need to get a handle on their marital finances and their own financial situation. This includes having a plan to deal with health insurance since many people are covered under a spouse’s plan. Consulting an attorney can help people understand how the divorce may proceed, including a potential time frame. In addition to a therapist, self-care is important as well. People should make sure they are getting enough sleep, eating well and exercising.

In many divorces, there may be a possibility of reaching an amicable solution to property division and child custody. This can be less expensive than going to court. Couples should also be aware of the communication issues they have had during the marriage and try to improve them in the divorce process. It can be particularly important for parents to learn more effective ways to communicate. Working with attorneys and talking through issues, finding common ground may be possible even for divorcing spouses. This can lead to a settlement that suits both of them.

As an example, although California is a community property state, meaning that property is supposed to be split equally, spouses may reach an agreement that does not involve splitting everything 50/50. Instead, they might split property based on what each of them would prefer to keep. Parents can also work out a creative solution for child custody that suits them, their children and their schedules. For example, even if one parent has custody and the other has visitation rights, the visitation schedule could be a generous one.



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