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That 2019 calendar might hold significant info

If divorce and a child custody fight are looming for parents in California, last year’s calendar may hold important information. Since these types of situations can become difficult, it is helpful to gather as much supportive material as possible. Calendars generally provide details that may not otherwise be forthcoming at the moment the information is needed during intense litigation.

The courts appreciate being supplied with the facts. A calendar may show things like children’s medical appointments throughout the year and their extracurricular activities. This sort of information can be very helpful in the course of a child custody dispute. A calendar may show not only appointment and activity scheduling, but some parents may also jot down the costs associated or who transported the child.

Another nice feature about having a calendar handy is that it may help parents remember even the little things such as the number of birthday parties their child attended in a year. There are usually costs associated with celebrations, medical appointments, sports activities and more. Notations on a calendar may help parents recall expenditures for various events in the lives of their children. A busy calendar may also speak to the lifestyle of various family members, which could help the court see the bigger picture. All of this information may assist with issues like setting up parenting and custody schedules along with calculating child support.

Divorce and child custody litigation are rarely easy processes for anyone. When it comes to these scenarios, supplying more evidence is better than not having enough information. An attorney who is knowledgeable about family law may be able to gather a wealth of pertinent information from a calendar that might otherwise be overlooked.