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Highest-ranking concerns women have after divorce

Worry about judgment from family and friends, emotional pain associated with giving up the dream of a happy marriage and worry about the welfare of the children are all things that make the divorce process difficult for both men and women. Some people in California may be surprised to learn that while there are similar ways that divorce affects men and women, there are also some differences.

Many women who have gone through a divorce have financial problems. Women’s median income is 81% of that of men in the United States. Women are also likely to experience a decrease in their income after divorce and are more likely to be below the poverty line than men. Getting serious about budgeting is essential for women after a divorce. The sooner a woman can adjust to a new budget based on just one income, the better. It may be beneficial to speak with an accountant or financial adviser in order to get a firm grasp on where she sits financially and learn how the divorce will affect her insurance, taxes and retirement benefits.

In about 90% of divorce cases, women are awarded custody of the children. Women are often concerned about the financial challenges of caring for the children after divorce and the way that it will affect them emotionally. Many women have to move into a different home after divorce, which means that they are also concerned about finding a less expensive home in a safe neighborhood.

Saving for a divorce has proven helpful for some women. This money will have to be disclosed during the divorce proceedings, but it can be used to get the process started. A lawyer may help a woman file divorce papers and may also answer questions regarding spousal support, property division and other matters that arise at the ending of a marriage.



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