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Getting through the holidays with children after a divorce

The holiday season is a difficult time for many people, and this can be particularly true for parents in San Jose who have been through a divorce recently. Parents may not know how to approach the first holiday season with their children. It is important to focus on their children’s needs and not on their own conflicts.

Parents should avoid making assumptions about what their children would prefer during this time. They should talk to the children about their expectations for the holidays and what traditions they would like to retain. Parents may not be able to do things together during the holidays, but they should make an effort to be kind to each other and preserve some of the things the children want.

Children should be able to spend time with both parents if possible during the holidays. They should not feel as though they have to choose between them. They should also get time with grandparents and other family members. Parents may be tempted to become competitive at this time, trying to outdo one another in gift-giving, but this is not good for children. A better approach would be for parents to plan what they will give their children together just as they did when they were married.

If parents must go to litigation during the divorce, a judge will use the criteria of what is in the best interests of the child to determine child custody and visitation. However, if parents keep their children’s best interests in mind as well, they might be able to negotiate an agreement without going to court. They might also want to address guidelines for holidays and vacations. If children cannot be with both parents during the holidays, parents may want to plan on using video calls or other ways to connect.



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