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December 2019 Archives

Planning finances for a potential divorce

While few people like the idea of getting a divorce, the reality is that around 39% of marriages in the United States will end in divorce. California residents may be interested in steps they can take to prepare themselves financially for a divorce, which could minimize the financial impact of it.

Getting through the holidays with children after a divorce

The holiday season is a difficult time for many people, and this can be particularly true for parents in San Jose who have been through a divorce recently. Parents may not know how to approach the first holiday season with their children. It is important to focus on their children's needs and not on their own conflicts.

Dealing with retirement assets in a divorce

The overall divorce rate in California and around the country has remained fairly stable in recent years, but the number of divorces involving couples over the age of 50 has soared. Property division negotiations are often complex in gray divorce cases as older spouses tend to have more valuable marital estates, and deciding how to deal with retirement savings that have been diligently built over decades can be especially thorny.

Highest-ranking concerns women have after divorce

Worry about judgment from family and friends, emotional pain associated with giving up the dream of a happy marriage and worry about the welfare of the children are all things that make the divorce process difficult for both men and women. Some people in California may be surprised to learn that while there are similar ways that divorce affects men and women, there are also some differences.

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