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November 2019 Archives

When divorced parents struggle with co-parenting challenges

When parents in California decide to divorce, it can always be a challenge to adjust to the transitions that come with co-parenting. However, this can be even more difficult in a high-conflict situation or when a former partner seems dedicated to provoking problems. Divorced parents can overcome this type of situation and put their children first, but there can be some obstacles along the way. Part of the process can involve making sure that there are appropriate boundaries in place.

How do courts determine who gets child custody in a divorce?

Divorce is rarely a simple, painless process, even when spouses approach the process with care. However, navigating divorce that involves a child can be exceptionally painful and confusing for parents. Many parents have fears that they will miss important parts of their child's life by sharing custody, or that their child's other parent cannot or will not raise their child appropriately.

What a divorce financial specialist can do

A divorce financial specialist can be a helpful addition to the professional team of some California couples who are ending their marriage. In particular, people who have complex financial situations or who are not well-informed about their marital finances might benefit from working with a divorce financial specialist.

Child custody and visitation for babies

During a divorce, determining custody and visitation schedules involving infants can introduce some additional complications for parents in California. The primary caregiver might feel that the other parent does not have the ability to care for the infant. However, it is important that parents trust one another despite their differences. All new parents have to learn as they go to some extent.

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