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Get the facts before divorcing on paper to benefit financially

Some San Jose couples are working together to decide if strategic divorce is right for them. While the idea of getting divorced in order to save money may seem strange to some, high-earning couples who are concerned about what has been called the “marriage penalty” may find that it is a way for them to pay less in taxes.

Saving money on taxes is not the only reason why some couples have talked about divorcing on paper in order to benefit financially. Couples who are not particularly high earners but still have a decent amount of assets may look to divorce as a way to qualify for more federal aid for a child who will be going to college. Other couples may look at this option in order to have a sick partner qualify for Medicaid. In both circumstances, lower-income individuals are more likely to receive these benefits than high-earning couples.

Before a couple would make this serious decision, they would need to look at the whole picture and come up with a solutions-based approach. They need the facts in order to be sure that they would really save money since they could lose certain benefits or deal with other costs associated with the divorce.

One thing to look at would be the way a divorce would affect a business that the couple owns together. A divorce may mean that one individual, perhaps the individual who actually started the business, could be completely pushed out of it.

Some individuals who are thinking about a strategic divorce to save money decide to speak with an attorney. The attorney may be able to provide information about an uncontested divorce, how a divorce would affect a person’s business and how a divorce would affect a couple’s children.



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