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Common signs that divorce is on the way

For every couple in San Jose that decides to divorce, their reasons are unique and personal. Some couples may deal with infidelity, addiction or even abuse. Others may find that their plans and personal goals change over the years and come in conflict with one another, causing both spouses to grow apart over time. Because divorce also carries serious legal and financial consequences, people may try to avoid ending the marriage. They may go to counseling or try other methods to rekindle the flame. Experts say, however, that there are certain common signs that indicate that couples are more likely to end their relationship.

When spouses no longer spend time together, it is often an indication of an unhappy relationship. The problem may begin with conflicting work schedules and other logistical problems, but it can also reflect that both spouses have little desire to spend time with one another. The longer this situation continues, the more likely the spouses are to grow apart from one another. For example, couples that no longer eat dinner together, even on the weekends, are more likely to divorce. The same is true for couples who no longer enjoy fun activities together or quit hobbies that they once shared.

Parents may want to stay together in order to parent their children and protect them from the effects of divorce. However, when people stay together “for the kids,” they may wind up resenting each other, especially as the years pass. Many children say they wish their parents had divorced earlier and moved into a positive co-parenting relationship instead.

Of course, divorce carries with it serious financial repercussions as well as personal and emotional consequences. A family law attorney may work with a divorcing spouse to advocate for a fair outcome on divorce legal matters such as child custody and property division.



Kids And Divorce