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Property division of investments in a divorce

A divorce can have a significant effect on a person's finances, and it is important to take steps during the process to understand and protect assets. A San Jose resident who has not been involved much in the family finances should be sure to get a full accounting of what their assets are as a couple and as individuals. The person should also know how to access those assets.

Get the facts before divorcing on paper to benefit financially

Some San Jose couples are working together to decide if strategic divorce is right for them. While the idea of getting divorced in order to save money may seem strange to some, high-earning couples who are concerned about what has been called the "marriage penalty" may find that it is a way for them to pay less in taxes.

When to consider child custody modification

Once you finalize your divorce settlement, the terms outlined in the decree are not set in stone. While the terms created in the divorce settlement may work for you and your former spouse at the time the document was created, life circumstances can easily change. These changes may require a revision of the original divorce document. There are certain situations that may warrant a change in child custody and/or child support. Keep in mind that all factors involving child custody and child support are based on the best interests of the child. Changes can occur that alter what is best for the child, and as a result, you may want to file for a modification of child support and/or child custody orders. 

Common signs that divorce is on the way

For every couple in San Jose that decides to divorce, their reasons are unique and personal. Some couples may deal with infidelity, addiction or even abuse. Others may find that their plans and personal goals change over the years and come in conflict with one another, causing both spouses to grow apart over time. Because divorce also carries serious legal and financial consequences, people may try to avoid ending the marriage. They may go to counseling or try other methods to rekindle the flame. Experts say, however, that there are certain common signs that indicate that couples are more likely to end their relationship.

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