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The part mediators can play in your divorce

San Jose couples who have decided to get a divorce may also decide that it’s prudent to get some additional help in the decision-making process. This is where divorce mediators can come in handy. However, it’s important to know what divorce mediators can and cannot do before utilizing one.

FindLaw has a handy guide that goes over some of the things divorce mediators will do as part of their job. This may include:

  • Making sure communication is clear by asking questions and/or asking for parties to repeat certain information where necessary
  • Providing both parties with accurate and updated information about the legal system
  • Finding alternative solutions to problems the couple may be facing
  • Ensuring both parties have enough time and space to talk, get their points across, and cool down when necessary

Essentially, they are here to make sure that both parties get heard, that there are no mistakes or miscommunications, and that problems are solved in a way that benefits everyone.

However, according to, there are some things mediators cannot do. For example, they cannot force the couple to make decisions. They can only offer their opinions, suggestions, and the reasoning behind it. Additionally, it is not the job of a mediator to attempt to repair a person’s relationship. This is a common misconception and a big reason as to why some people decide not to seek their aid. Mediators are only here to facilitate the smooth continuation of a couple’s divorce.

Mediators may be a good tool in a divorce when utilized properly. Anyone who thinks they might need the extra help may want to look into the possibility of hiring one to go with them through the divorce process.



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