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How mediation can impact custody arrangements

Divorcing parents in San Jose will need to decide how they want to tackle matters of child custody. It may seem difficult for some couples to share custody, but studies have recently shown that this might be the best option for the child. So how can arguing parents make it work?

FindLaw states that joint custody is desirable because of the way it impacts children of divorce. Children often have fewer behavioral problems, get into trouble less often in school, and mesh with their peers better if their divorced parents hold joint custody.

Comparatively, children in sole custody situations tend to act out, have behavioral issues, and have difficulties connecting with others. However, joint custody may seem hard to achieve when a couple can hardly agree on terms. This is where divorce mediation can come into play. defines mediation as a way of working out differences between parties. In this case, the parties are the two divorcing parents. The mediator – a third party who is unrelated and has no personal investment in matters of the divorce – can step in and act as a bridge between those discussing issues. They provide a unique perspective, can talk parents through emotional decisions, and will provide input without having a bias. Through their work, it becomes easier to reach compromises.

Mediation can be an excellent tool in one’s arsenal when tackling matters of divorce. Through the aid of a third party, it may be possible to attain joint custody and reach agreements that everyone is able to find beneficial and agreeable.