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Mediation can help relieve divorce stress for kids

When parents file for divorce, the stress can be high for everyone involved, including children. Divorce is often an emotional and potentially overwhelming process, as parents split marital property, determine child custody and negotiate issues involved in moving from a traditional family to a one-parent household. Marriages involving negativity and fighting can also be hard on children. Studies show that it may be best for children to grow up in a divorced family rather than a toxic environment where parents do not get along. Studies also show that the manner in which parents end their marriage may have an effect on children’s’ stress levels.

Mediation allows parents to settle their divorce out of a traditional courtroom environment. With a third-party mediator present, both parties negotiate the terms of their divorce settlement. One of the benefits of mediation allows couples to come up with terms of the divorce that may otherwise not have been available if they had allowed a judge to determine the terms of the decree. In many cases, parents who go through the mediation process end on better terms and are able to experience a healthier relationship post-divorce than they would have if they had undergone courtroom litigation.

Positive relationships can directly affect children in the marriage. When parents have healthier interactions, children are able to have a better quality of life. Kids may be more likely to see both parents more often and enjoy a situation where their parents are civil and kind to one another. This can affect a child’s behavior, school performance, social interactions and general quality of life.