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When a spouse passes away during the divorce process

The divorce process can be incredibly tough for so many reasons, and some people face an uphill battle as they try to bring their marriage to an end. From questions about how custody will be awarded to child support, alimony, property distribution and adjusting to life without a former partner, this can be a draining and complex time in someone’s life. In certain instances, even more questions may arise during the divorce process and moving forward can be particularly tough from an emotional point of view. For example, someone’s former spouse may pass away in the middle of a divorce.

There are a handful of reasons why someone may be especially likely to pass away during their divorce. For example, the stress and emotional impact of the process may cause someone to have a heart attack or stroke, or it could make them more likely to get in a car accident. Sometimes, health problems may cause a marriage to fall apart, and these health issues could prove fatal during a divorce. Moreover, some people may find that it takes quite a while for their divorce to move forward, for various reasons, and a lot can happen during this turbulent time.

If your former partner has lost his or her life during your divorce, we know how devastating this can be. You may have many questions, such as what will happen to marital property and how this could affect you with respect to child custody. It is especially important to review your options and figure out the best way forward.



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