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What matters can you address in a parenting plan?

Splitting from your child’s other parent is rarely easy or seamless, but the process does not necessarily have to be tremendously painful or contentious, either. Increasingly, parents who are no longer together create documents called parenting plans that set guidelines both parents agree to follow when it comes to the co-parenting relationship.

How is art treated in a divorce?

While Silicon Valley is the heart of the technology industry, there are numerous people in California who hold art in high regard. Many of these people pay large sums of money to acquire and display prominent pieces of art in their homes or their businesses. Some may even support artistic endeavors and have their names associated with displays or art institutions. If a couple who is deeply entrenched in the world of art gets divorced, it can leave spouses wondering what will happen to their art. 

What factors are considered when determining child support?

If you have recently gone through the divorce process in California, or you are in the middle of negotiating a divorce settlement, you may be familiar with calculating child support. Child support is designed to bridge the gap children may experience as they move from a two-parent household to a one-parent living arrangement. There are different models of child support, and California has adopted the Income Shares Model. The idea is that children deserve to live with the same financial stability that they would experience had their parents remained together.

When a spouse passes away during the divorce process

The divorce process can be incredibly tough for so many reasons, and some people face an uphill battle as they try to bring their marriage to an end. From questions about how custody will be awarded to child support, alimony, property distribution and adjusting to life without a former partner, this can be a draining and complex time in someone’s life. In certain instances, even more questions may arise during the divorce process and moving forward can be particularly tough from an emotional point of view. For example, someone’s former spouse may pass away in the middle of a divorce.

How to cut costs during divorce

When your friends or family members across California go through contentious divorces, it may give you the impression that all divorces must end in name-calling, hurt feelings and drained bank accounts, but in actuality, this is far from the case. At the Law Office of Lily L. Huang, I understand that saving money is often a priority for someone in your shoes, and I have helped many people in similar situations avoid dipping into their savings to finance their divorces.

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