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Tips for a low-stress divorce

If you and your spouse have not been getting along for a while, and you are considering divorce in San Jose, there is a good chance neither of you want the process to be difficult and stressful. While a break up is never fun, ending a marriage comes with many layers and has the potential to be stress-filled. The good news is it is possible to go through a divorce without it taking a toll on either of your emotional states.

According to The Guardian, there are modern ways to deal with divorce that are more amicable and make the process seem less daunting, especially if no one is especially to blame for the break up. Following the lead of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, more couples are choosing to respect and love their ex as they are going through a divorce and minimizing things that increase conflict. If there are children, maintaining the family home and having the parents move during custody time can keep stress at minimum for the young ones.

Some choose to go through divorce proceedings on their own. While this can be helpful, both parties need to ensure an agreement meets each of their interests.   

One of the ways to do this and avoid a stress-filled divorce is to go through an out-of-court process. The California Courts discusses options that do not involve standing in front of a judge while each of you make your case. Mediation is one of these options. You both meet with an impartial third party who facilitates the conversation and helps you work through issues like property division and even child custody. It can be a less stressful way to decide on tough issues. 




Kids And Divorce