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Preventing divorce from destroying a child’s focus in school

When parents in San Jose make the difficult decision to separate and get divorced, one of their primary concerns is often the well-being and understanding of their young children. Balancing how to disclose information about the split without divulging too many details that the child may be unprepared to hear, is one of the biggest challenges that many parents face. 

Children will respond to the news of their parents’ separation in very different ways depending on their gender, age, personality and even based on the relationships they have with each of their parents. Divorcing couples should be prepared to witness their child’s frustrations as they request answers to difficult questions. Some of the changes that parents may notice are that their child is confused, apprehensive, scared or unable to focus. The latter issue can be an especially difficult challenge if children are unable to focus in school. 

According to, parents and their children alike, can benefit from maintaining a consistent schedule for getting homework finished. This schedule should also account for any extracurricular activities that children are participating in. If children are older, their parents may be able to encourage and excite them for the future by discussing college options and developing a plan with realistic goals to help them achieve their future plans. suggests that a child’s routine is maintained the best it can without major disruptions created by their parents’ separation. Couples should also work hard to remain flexible with each other in making sure their children still get adequate time to spend with each of their parents.