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February 2019 Archives

What happens to the pet in a California divorce?

When you make the difficult decision to split from your California spouse, you will undoubtedly need to work through certain issues, such as how you will split custody, if applicable, and whether you will pay or receive alimony once your divorce becomes final. Increasingly, though, many California couples navigating their way through divorces must also figure out what to do about another important matter: who will keep the family pet.

Tips for a low-stress divorce

If you and your spouse have not been getting along for a while, and you are considering divorce in San Jose, there is a good chance neither of you want the process to be difficult and stressful. While a break up is never fun, ending a marriage comes with many layers and has the potential to be stress-filled. The good news is it is possible to go through a divorce without it taking a toll on either of your emotional states.

Preventing divorce from destroying a child's focus in school

When parents in San Jose make the difficult decision to separate and get divorced, one of their primary concerns is often the well-being and understanding of their young children. Balancing how to disclose information about the split without divulging too many details that the child may be unprepared to hear, is one of the biggest challenges that many parents face. 

What steps can you take to prevent international child abduction?

When you live in California and have a child with someone from another nation, you may face unique challenges if the relationship between you and your one-time partner turns particularly sour or acrimonious. More specifically, you may have justifiable concerns about your former partner attempting to abduct your child and take him or her to the other parent’s country of origin, at which point getting your child back can prove especially difficult.

How to know if your spouse is hiding marital property

Whether you are currently going through a divorce or just thinking about starting the process, there are many factors to consider. Property division may be one of the most difficult issues to tackle, as it can be hard to part with property and possessions that you have accumulated throughout years of marriage. Although both parties are required to disclose all property and assets amassed during the divorce, one party may be tempted to hide marital property in order to get full access to it once the divorce is finalized.

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