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3 tips for smart social media usage amid divorce

Navigating your way through a California divorce can prove lonely and emotionally taxing, and if you are likely many people facing similar circumstances, you may rely on social media more than you once did during this time. While it makes sense that you may want to turn to your friends and reestablish old connections during a separation from your spouse to help combat feelings of loneliness, your use of social media may lead to more trouble than its worth. At the Law Office of Lily L. Huang, we understand the ways in which your use of social media can impact your divorce case, and we have helped many clients making their way through divorce make smart decisions relating to social media usage.

According to Prevention, one of the wisest steps you can take when it comes to using social media amid divorce is simply not to use it at all. While it is true that, for many people, social media has become an intrinsic part of day-to-day life, it may serve you well to simply stay away entirely until your divorce becomes final. Otherwise, anything you post, or anything others post about you, can potentially come back to haunt you. If you are unable to completely abstain from social media during your divorce, however, consider taking two additional steps.

First, avoid incriminating yourself on any level. That means avoiding posting anything that could suggest you have moved on, romantically, and it also means avoiding posting anything that might suggest you have a lot of money if you are planning to seek support from your former spouse. In other words, avoid publicizing that beach vacation you just took or that pricy dinner date you went on, as both types of postings could come back to bite you.

Second, avoid trashing your ex on social media in any manner. For starters, it makes you look bad, and it can also hurt the relationship between you and any children or other family members you may have. Remember, the internet is forever, and you would be unwise to assume certain people cannot see your posts simply because your profile is set to private. Find more about divorce on our webpage.