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What clues on social media may show your spouse is hiding assets?

In a community property state like California, you may feel a sense of relief during your divorce, knowing that assets will be divided equally between you and your spouse. However, what if your soon-to-be-ex is concealing assets from the court during the divorce process? This could result in your ex keeping significant assets from you, which could be particularly devastating if you will have difficulty making ends meet on a single income.

Accurately identifying all assets can be difficult if your spouse is being less than honest, especially if he or she is shrewd about hiding them. For example, your spouse might have an employer delay a yearly bonus or significant commission until after the divorce is final. Your spouse may temporarily “gift” an asset like a recreational vehicle to a friend or family member, only to reclaim it later. He or she may have been gradually depositing funds into a bank account you didn’t know about, preparing for the inevitable divorce.

However, it can be easy for your spouse to drop a clue or two on social media that he or she is financially better off than reported to the court. As Forbes explains, the following signs may show evidence of concealing assets:

  • Photos on Instagram of a lavish vacation or new purchases
  • Pictures and status updates on Facebook that bely claims of financial hardship
  • A description for a well-paying job on LinkedIn

Your spouse may be confident in being able to trick the court, but could forget to make social media activity private, which might reveal assets he or she is trying to keep from dividing with you. Since this topic is complex, this information is not meant as legal advice.



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