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Why a Facebook divorce is a really bad idea

At the Law Office of Lily L. Huang in California, we know how much you enjoy staying connected with your friends via social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter and others. If you are contemplating a divorce, however, or already involved in one, you would do well to think carefully about what you post online about yourself or divulge electronically via email, texts, etc.

As FindLaw explains, a Facebook divorce refers to the divorces and child custody battles that warring spouses win or lose as a result of the information they unthinkingly or foolishly post about themselves online. As far back as 2010, 67 percent of American divorce attorneys listed Facebook as their primary source of negative information about their clients’ spouses that they found and subsequently used against them at trial.

Readily available information

Whatever information you post about yourself on Facebook, et al, assume that virtually anyone and everyone can access it, regardless of your privacy settings. Not only are privacy settings unreliable at best, but a savvy forensic investigator can bypass or otherwise get around them. Therefore, never post any of the following:

  • Explicit, compromising or sexually suggestive photos of yourself
  • Where you go and with whom you go there
  • Any pictures or information about your new romance(s) or intrigue(s)
  • Any pictures or information about expensive purchases you make
  • Any pictures, information or addresses regarding houses, condos, apartments, etc. you investigate as possible new living quarters

Keep two things in mind. First, you do not really own the information and photos you post online. Facebook and other platforms have the legal right to divulge or otherwise compromise your information – even without your knowledge. Second, your family and friends can post the information and photos you send them on their own Facebook page, etc., thereby adding new levels of insecurity.

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