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June 2018 Archives

What is palimony?

If you and the person with whom you are living in California are on the verge of calling it quits, you need to be aware that you could have to pay palimony to your departing partner. As FindLaw explains, palimony is a unique California form of spousal support that some cohabitating but unmarried partners must pay to the other when the relationship ends.

Can my kids and I move out of state after my divorce?

Getting a promotion is great for your career, but if you are a divorced California parent, that promotion may prove to be a problem if it requires you to move out of state with your children. Before doing anything else, reread your divorce decree. Does it grant you primary physical custody of your children? Does it contain any restrictions about how far away you can move with them after your divorce?

How can you be involved and avoid the Disneyland parent label?

You may acknowledge that your ex’s job as the custodial parent is difficult, but it can also be challenging to be the non-custodial parent in California. Not only do you pay child support, but you have less time than you would want to spend with your children, as well as less input when it comes to parenting decisions. This may lead to feelings of resentment and other negative emotions. It can be even more infuriating if you are accused of being a “Disneyland parent” by your ex or others.

Understanding community property

A number of people in California and throughout the United States end their marriage by filing for divorce. During the process, they are forced to separate their marital items, or the property and finances they accumulated during the time they were married. When considering this marital or community property, most people think of the family vehicles, homes, furniture and the money in the savings account. There are, however, many other marital items that divorcing couples may not think of. Some of the property and assets that often get overlooked could total a considerable amount of money.

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