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How to amicably work through a divorce

Residents in San Jose have several options when it comes to divorce. Though some couples choose to take their case through the court system or cannot find a way to make agreements on their own, amicable divorce is an option open to many others.

For those who have a little bit of trouble with communication but are on overall decent terms, FindLaw brings up the possibility of divorce mediation. With this option, a neutral third party steps in. It’s their job to help both halves of the couple reach an agreement that is beneficial to all involved, including potential children. It is not their duty to make decisions on behalf of the couple or enforce any decisions made. They are only there to ensure that things don’t get too heated or end in an unfair outcome.

Divorce Magazine takes a look at just how realistic it is to have a divorce on good terms. Naturally, there are many things that can turn a divorce that started amicably into a sour one. This can include new reveals in the divorce process, such as proof of infidelity, discovery of new debts, or abuse of any sort that occurs during the divorce process. However, it’s also possible to prevent divorces from becoming vindictive by establishing a code of conduct in writing, and relying on outside resources like mediators to help in particularly rough patches.

All divorces are different and everyone wants different things from their own divorce. This doesn’t mean that your own divorce can’t be peaceful, though. Mediation is certainly a good tool to look into for those who wish to divorce amicably.