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Turning an unfortunate situation into a mutual win

You did not go into your marriage with the intent that it would eventually end in separation. At the California Law Office of Lily L. Huang, we understand that your expectations for success were high. We find that, in most cases, our client’s spouse feels the same way— even if it is not immediately apparent.

We find that, in situations where both parties have a shared goal of ending the marraige, our clients benefit from careful pre-trial negotiation with their spouses. Ideally, this helps us avoid conflict at a trial. There are many reasons why we recommend this approach:

  • Your privacy might be at risk without mediation: Trial proceedings are often a matter of public record
  • Mediating your dispute might be less stressful for you, or for your children
  • The court might order you to negotiate, making it efficient to do so preemptively

Furthermore, we find that both sides of a divorce feel more satisfied with visitation, custody, spousal support and property division agreements after taking a more active role in their formation. Mediation is often the most efficient way to facilitate this freedom and control for our clients.

Our clients occasionally reach an impasse during discussions. In other cases, one or both parties refuse to come to the table during our mediation process. We are prepared to take interests in front of a judge if a client believes that a trial is the only way to end a marriage in a satisfactory matter— or when client’s spouse is not receptive to reasonable offers. 

Your divorce should be as successful as possible for everyone involved. We welcome clients who expect us to maintain a fair balance while protecting their best interests: In fact, this delicate harmony is often the way to a quick and efficient divorce. Please visit our main page for more information about our practice.