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February 2018 Archives

Could a bird nesting living arrangement help your kids?

If your children seem to be taking your impending divorce especially hard or have a history of adjusting badly to life changes, one option to consider is bird nesting. For many families, it works best as a short-term or temporary solution, although some use it longer term. Basically, it is when the children stay in the family home. The parents are the ones who alternate living there.

Subtle signs schoolchildren are struggling with a pending divorce

No doubt, going through a divorce takes an emotional toll on spouses. Divorcing parents also recognize the challenges divorce brings to their kids. Schoolchildren in California and around the country are especially susceptible to the changes taking place in their homes when their parents separate.

What is collaborative divorce?

If you are a California resident contemplating divorce, you and your spouse, despite your differences, probably are dreading the prospect of an expensive contentious court battle. If you would prefer a more amicable approach, a collaborative divorce may be just what you are looking for.

Turning an unfortunate situation into a mutual win

You did not go into your marriage with the intent that it would eventually end in separation. At the California Law Office of Lily L. Huang, we understand that your expectations for success were high. We find that, in most cases, our client's spouse feels the same way— even if it is not immediately apparent.

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