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January 2018 Archives

How can I make my divorce amicable?

Divorces, unfortunately, do not always bring out the best in California couples. Anger, fear and grief are common when a marriage is in the process of being dissolved. Sometimes these emotions make the divorce a contentious process for all involved. However, it does not have to be this way. The American Psychological Association spells out strategies that couples can use to reach a more amicable divorce.

Can financial fraud occur in high-asset divorce?

Divorces have a reputation for being highly contested affairs, and when it comes to California spouses that have earned a lot of money, sometimes a divorcing spouse may engage in fraud to hide assets so they cannot be distributed as part of a divorce judgment. The Huffington Post details ways in which financial fraud during a divorce can be revealed.

What is dissipation?

While some California spouses conduct their divorces in a fair and amicable fashion, other divorces become rancorous and even spiteful affairs. In some cases, a spouse will try to keep from distributing assets to a separating spouse by dissipating the assets before the other spouse can claim it. Some people may not know what this term means and do not even realize they are victims of it.

Can I protect my business from a divorce?

While many California couples own and run a business together without incident, the business could be contested in a divorce proceeding if the couple ever decides to end their marriage. Some couples have significant wealth invested in the business, and it is possible the business could be sold to finance a divorce settlement. However, according to Marketwatch, there are several avenues that a spouse or spouses can take to protect a business from divorce fallout.

What happens to debt in a divorce?

When it comes to finances, most of us have assets and debts. In a divorce situation, you will need to divide all property, which includes all assets. However, you may be unclear on what happens with the debt you and your spouse share when you divorce in San Jose. This is where things can get a little complicated because it depends somewhat on the type of debt.

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