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Helping a child understand divorce

Stress is an almost universal factor in divorce cases, but, regardless of this, we see many California divorces end in amicable relationships between the partners. When things work out in a positive way, we find upon review that children are often important agents in fostering balance and understanding. Therefore, protecting the children of our clients through any legal or mediatory means possible while helping them understand and positively affect the process is one of our primary goals here at the Law office of Lily L. Huang. 

As you might expect, children are often involved with central issues in divorce cases. This fact often leads to actions on the part of the litigants that cause undue stress on kids. We have found that one of the most effective ways parents might assuage this suffering is by explaining the legal process— on the condition that the children are old enough to grasp the concepts at hand. We are more than happy to provide explanations to children, or to describe the issues to our clients in a way that they might help their own children understand. 

It is sometimes difficult to disentangle your emotional concerns from the legal and procedural matters at hand, especially in family law. You might be surprised at the extent to which demystification of the divorce process helps children organize their thoughts and feelings, avoiding this confusion.

As for our clients themselves, we strive to provide a detailed perspective that allows partners to define which outcomes they might influence and which decisions the court might make. We hope you will continue reading about this subject at our main page.