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Can you date before your divorce is final?

You may have many questions about your San Jose divorce. You may worry about your actions and how they could affect the proceedings. One thing that comes up often is your right to date. Do you have to wait until the divorce is final to begin dating or is it okay to do it while things are still in progress? This is common to ask because once a couple reaches the point of divorce, the relationship has often been over for quite some time. It is normal to want to look for new companionship.

According to Zoosk, dating during a divorce is not illegal, but it is often discouraged by attorneys and other experts. Despite this, it is not an uncommon thing. If you do decide to begin dating while still going through your divorce, there are some things to keep in mind to prevent having your dating life interfere with the divorce process.

To begin with, you need to keep your spouse in mind. You should avoid doing anything that will cause contention and that could possibly bleed over into your divorce. This includes not dating any of your mutual friends, going on dates to places she is likely to frequent or introducing your children to anyone without your spouse’s knowledge. 

You also need to be realistic and honest. You should make it clear you are going through a divorce. Some people may not want to get involved in such a situation. So be ready for that. You also should take things slow and avoid getting too serious too fast. After all, you are just walking away from a serious, long-term relationship. Give yourself time to heal. This information is for education and not to be considered legal advice.