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3 tips for being a better co-parent

One of the hardest aspects of your divorce is figuring out how to co-parent. Raising your kids between two homes can be fraught with difficulty, tension and disagreements. However, it is possible to do it successfully, and your children are sure to benefit from it. According to Psychology Today, children thrive when they maintain healthy connections with both parents.

So what can you do to make the best out of a co-parenting arrangement? Here are some steps you can take to be a good parent during and after divorce. 

1. Do not despair

You may have a lot of concerns about your divorce psychologically and emotionally affecting your kids for life. While it may be hard for your children to deal with, it will not destroy their lives. What your kids need to be happy is a great relationship with both parents, parents who are emotionally stable and provide them with living necessities. All of these things can be accomplished even when parents do not live together. 

2. Develop a working relationship with your ex

Even if you are not able to be exceptionally friendly with your former spouse, you can both be effective at co-parenting. Think of your ex as a colleague whom you need to work with for the benefit of your children. Figure out how to solve problems together even if you do not necessarily like each other. 

3. Keep your cool

When your ex upsets you, refrain from writing an angry text or email immediately afterward. Give yourself some time to breathe and calm down. You should also tame your temper in front of your kids. Do not criticize or insult the other parent for your children to hear. Instead, learn to offer praise and encourage a good relationship. 

Even after going through a difficult and ugly split, your co-parenting relationship with your ex can improve. Remain hopeful, and stay committed to doing what is best for your kids.