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December 2017 Archives

3 tips for being a better co-parent

One of the hardest aspects of your divorce is figuring out how to co-parent. Raising your kids between two homes can be fraught with difficulty, tension and disagreements. However, it is possible to do it successfully, and your children are sure to benefit from it. According to Psychology Today, children thrive when they maintain healthy connections with both parents.

How a QDRO can help collect spousal support

California residents facing delinquent support payments face a number of options to try and collect. According to the Internal Revenue Service, a qualified domestic relations order issued by a judge can spell out how assets held in pensions or retirement plans are to be dispersed. However, a QDRO is not only used to divide a pension during a divorce proceeding, but can also be used to assist a spouse if that person is not receiving required support payments.

Helping a child understand divorce

Stress is an almost universal factor in divorce cases, but, regardless of this, we see many California divorces end in amicable relationships between the partners. When things work out in a positive way, we find upon review that children are often important agents in fostering balance and understanding. Therefore, protecting the children of our clients through any legal or mediatory means possible while helping them understand and positively affect the process is one of our primary goals here at the Law office of Lily L. Huang. 

Social media: a divorce etiquette guide

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or another entity, if you are like most people, social media plays a large role in your life. When you scroll through your various feeds, you feel connected with friends and family and they can keep up to date on your life developments as well.

Can you date before your divorce is final?

You may have many questions about your San Jose divorce. You may worry about your actions and how they could affect the proceedings. One thing that comes up often is your right to date. Do you have to wait until the divorce is final to begin dating or is it okay to do it while things are still in progress? This is common to ask because once a couple reaches the point of divorce, the relationship has often been over for quite some time. It is normal to want to look for new companionship.

Assessing the advantages of mediation

Divorce proceedings can certainly become messy affairs if those participating in them in San Jose allow them to be. Often, the contention in such cases may arise from one spouse not wanting to end a marriage. His or her thinking may be that if he or she refuses the comply, the case cannot go forward. Unfortunately, according to the website for state's Judicial Branch, California is among those that classify themselves as "no-fault" states when it comes to divorce. What this means is that one spouse does not need to have grounds for divorce (other than irreconcilable differences) in order to seek for the immediate end of a marriage. In such cases, proceedings are held regardless of whether or not a dissenting spouse participates. 

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