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Lesser-known benefits of joint-custody arrangements

Going through a California divorce is rarely easy, but things can prove even more traumatic and painful when there are children involved in the breakup. Many parents who share joint custody can attest that is can be hard to adjust to not having your children home with you at all times, but there are actually some key benefits to having such an arrangement. At the Law Office of Lily L. Huang, we have helped many parents work through joint-custody arrangements and the special considerations involved in creating and maintaining them.

According to The Spruce, there are a number of lesser-known benefits that come with having joint-custody arrangements, in addition to the obvious fact that you will have more free time to yourself to pursue your own interests. For example, having joint-custody may allow you and your child’s other parent to share the costs of everyday expenses, which can range from sports equipment for after-school activities to haircuts, field trip fees and the like.

Sharing custody with your child’s other parent also gives both of you the chance to discipline your child, rather than leaving most, or all, of the responsibility up to the primary custodian. If your relationship with your ex is relatively positive, it may benefit the two of you, and your child, to set clear rules and expectation as far as chores and behavior, and to stick to them in both homes.

Maintaining a joint-custody arrangement with your child’s other parent also gives you an opportunity to get back in the classroom, the office, the gym or what have you. Rather than look at time without your child as a loss, use it as a way to better yourself and improve the quality of the time you do get to share together. Your child wants you to be happy and fulfilled, and sometimes, doing something for yourself is the best way to make that a reality. More about creating and maintaining successful joint-custody arrangements is available on our web page.



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