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Finding common ground in divorce

No one likes the idea of divorce, and that is because, too often, divorce becomes a war between people who at one time cared deeply about one another. Not many things are sadder than that.

At the Law Office of Lily L Huang, we know what our job is during divorce. It is to achieve the client’s main objectives – whether they are in property division, child support or custody of the child or children of the marriage.

We focus on achieving those objectives, but we do not see ourselves as junkyard dogs, fighting viciously over every scrap of advantage.

Rather, we seek – even when both sides are feeling angry – to find common ground in the proceedings.

What do you both care about?

It is not hard to identify what common ground is. Common ground is the issues that matter most to both sides:

The well-being of the child. Few marriages are one-sided when the kids are involved. Both sides love those children, and don’t want to hurt them or limit their futures, either in matters of custody or financial support. People argue about the numbers, but not about the core principle.

Basic fairness in dividing the assets of the marriage. This is not as sacred an area as children of the marriage. There are many cases where one side seeks “the lion’s share” to punish the other side, or just to have it for themselves. But by and large, most divorces do not seek an unjust outcome.

A desire to have a decent relationship following the divorce. In all but the worst cases, couples accept that they have to keep dealing with one another, for the children if for no other reason. If you have to continue seeing one another, you don’t want your stomach to curdle each time.

In our divorce cases, you will find that we keep one eye always on the future. What will it be like for you when you are on your own? Was there one issue in the divorce that caused you to feel burned?

Knowledgeable, friendly, compassionate

You don’t want to live feeling like that. For this reason, when we meet, we get to know each other pretty well. I want to know what is most important to you. Our hope for you is a fresh start in life -not scorched earth. When I know what is important to you, I fight to achieve that.

Out of anger or out of fear of the future, you may feel you want to “sweep the table,” taking everything in sight. We advise against that. Know what matters most to you, and find common ground about the rest. That’s the formula for a successful divorce.