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Divorces are required by law to include provisions for distribution of assets. Some states, including California are "community property" states. According to the community property method, property acquired by spouses during the marriage is considered to be "marital property" and is divided equally. Property acquired outside of the marriage is considered to be "separate property." It is kept by the respective spouses.

This may sound straightforward, but it can be very complicated for many reasons. One of the most common is that many spouses, especially wives who kept the home and raised the children while their husbands worked, do not know the extent of their family's finances. They can be unsure of the family's total assets and where all accounts are located.

When you visit her San Jose, California, law firm, attorney Huang can help you determine the scope of your family's assets. She will talk with you about the role you played in your marriage and how that may impact your finances. She will talk with you about your hopes for the future. Working closely with you, she will guide you through the divorce process, protecting your interests during property division so that you will be well-prepared to move forward.

Helping You Handle Complex Property-Related Matters In Your Divorce

Many of the divorces handled by the firm involve challenging situations. Property division can become complex when a spouse was self-employed or operated a family-owned business or professional practice. Sometimes, these assets are great in scope, complex and difficult to ascertain. Spouses often hide assets or make allegations accordingly. When necessary, attorney Huang brings in reliable experts to sort things out.

An Advocate With A Clear Head, Guiding You Through An Emotional Process

Things can become complicated during a divorce. It is natural for people to feel emotional about the divorce and division of property. Hiring an experienced attorney is a good way to protect your interest and resolve conflict. Your attorney can intervene on your behalf, keeping a clear head and making the right decisions about your property.

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